The Challenge

The company required a new ecommerce website to sell its distinctive and fashionable clothing line online.

We assisted the business in developing a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to locate all of their products. We coordinated their inventory with a third-party distributor, allowing the company to keep their merchandise off-site while also integrating cost-effective shipping choices.

The Solution


WooCommerce features were used to create a fully functional online storefront for selling sunglasses and other accessories. Products are readily managed and uploaded to the website, and offshore shipping and inventory synchronisation are available.

WordPress Web Development

We built an ecommerce website on the WordPress platform, which has a very user-friendly backend for making website adjustments. We created many homepage templates to ensure that the various sorts of content were consistent with the most recent web development and design best practises.

Analytics by Google

We installed and set up Google Analytics conversions and targets for the client so that they could optimise their ongoing ad budget. The client can see the specific effects of Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising and adjust their budget accordingly. Retargeting was also set up to send communications to customers who abandoned their shopping carts without completing a purchase.

Google Ads 

PROMOTIX created a custom Google Ads campaign based on AdWords best practises (Google Ads). Campaigns were continuously refined until the cost per acquisition was reduced by 86%.

Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

To target users from the client’s various ecommerce websites, we created a Facebook Marketing campaign. We also leveraged offsite event client data to target customers with specific frames and styles suggested by intake forms from summer events and festivals.

Business Impact

  • Ecommerce website that is completely mobile and responsive.
  • Website retargeting and conversion optimization resulted in a 300% increase in online sales by month 3.
  • Internal staff was trained on how to make modifications and upload new products using the WooCommerce theme.