About Client

Serving businesses in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace and everything in between

Tradeco provides all types of hardware equipment to keep their clients’ operations running smoothly in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace and everything in between.

They are stockists and wholesalers of: – Venus and Punjab Hand Tools – I.T. and J.K. Drill Bits – Measuring Tape from Freeman’s – Abrasives of all kinds – Electrical power tools – All types of door hardware – All types of screws and bolts – All types of anchor fasteners

The Challenge

Tradeco understands the significance of routine maintenance and improvement in order to keep a business running smoothly, and the same holds true for a company’s digital marketing strategy.

That’s why Tradeco wanted a digital marketing partner that could help them stay ahead of the competition.

To get real-world results through digital marketing, your company must employ numerous techniques. Tradeco recognised this requirement and prioritised complete digital marketing providers in their search.

What prompted them to select PROMOTIX? “PROMOTIX wears many different hats and delivers many different services all under one roof,” explains Tradeco. That piqued our interest.”

Business Impact

So we put on our marketing hats and prepared to increase Tradeco’s web presence.

What were the outcomes? Increased lead generation and more effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. According to Tradeco, “PROMOTIX assisted in driving new and potential business to us through our website and Google Advertising.”

We specifically drove search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) results. Tradeco saw a 71% increase in contact form submissions, a 30% decrease in PPC cost per lead (CPL), and a 25% rise in organic form leads year over year (YoY) after collaborating with PROMOTIX!


PPC COST PER LEAD: Decreased by 30% LEADS

FROM ORGANIC FORMS: Increased by 25%