About Client

Haardit Developers was founded primarily to meet the growing demand for high-quality residential and commercial properties in Siliguri.

In all of its undertakings, the organisation has achieved great success and client satisfaction.

Under the banner of Haardit Developers, the Group successfully went into Real Estate by constructing a series of residential spaces at strategic places around Siliguri.

The Challenge

Haardit Developers’ digital strategy includes SEO, and they needed a partner they could rely on to provide results.

After beginning with Outstanding SEO Results for a World-Class Client,

PROMOTIX was chosen by Haardit Developers to maximize SEO results and expand their online strategy. Discover how we employed SEO to assist this industry-leading B2C brand in increasing sales! HydroWorx has been a referral partner of ours for over seven years. In addition to increasing Haardit Developers’ online revenue through SEO, we assisted them in implementing new methods such as social media marketing.

“They are above and beyond what most other organizations can do,” Haardit Developers commented of our marketing capabilities.

Business impact

Haardit Developers sees the majority of their website views coming from organic search

since collaborating with PROMOTIX, and they’ve increased conversions and contact form submissions while maximising their marketing cost.

They’ve witnessed the following while working with us:

Organic sessions have increased by 236%.
Organic contact form entries increased by 131%.
Haardit Developers mentioned that, while their aims have evolved over time, PROMOTIX always prioritises the most critical key performance measures (KPIs).